The State of Retail

How your brand can experience real results in a challenging retail environment:

The media is calling it the retail apocalypse.

Big time

Connecting with the Modern Consumer

Find the right opportunities for your brand to win over hearts and minds:

Connecting your brand on a personal level with the modern consumer takes guts.


Preparing for Facebook’s News Feed Changes

Our take on what these changes might mean and how we as marketers can address them:

For the everyday Facebook user, the upcoming

Get Your Product off the Shelf

Cost-Effective Strategies for ‘Shelf-Help’

Good news! Your product is finally in the store, on the shelves and looking good. Your shelf placement is strong; you’ve…

Cliffedge Marketing's Christmas Playlist

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Joyous New Year from all of us on the Cliffedge Marketing team! 

This past year has been filled with endlessly exciting opportunities and we’re ready…

Cliffedge Marketing and SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Hospital Announce New Joint Venture

It’s official: we’re teaming up with SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital to expand the Homers for Health program…

Why Brand Ambassadors are an Asset to Your Company

With observations and insights from a Prairie Farms brand ambassador:

The benefit of brand ambassadors isn’t a big secret;

3 Best Practices for Your Social Media Strategy

Many brands are currently fighting over that coveted top-dog slot as specialists with a savvy social media strategy. They want to post the type of content that will amplify their brand’s presence and…

How to Create a Buyer Persona to Benefit Your Business

Creating a buyer persona to reflect your true consumer is essential to your marketing efforts. Buyer personas are similar to an outline or blueprint of your consumer; yet, rather than simply identifying…

Reveal Your Brand’s Potential through Product Sampling

From user-generated product reviews to branded viral videos, consumers are inundated with product information on a daily basis. More often than not, consumers readily rely on these resources to act…